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Hello and welcome to Chameleon Agency

Hi, my name is Dani!
I would consider myself a world citizen and a polyglot, specializing in web design. I speak 6 languages (German, English, Spanish, French, Chinese and Italian) and would love to you create your personal business website, even in your native language. 

I was born and raised in Vienna (Austria) with Peruvian culture, as my parents are originally from Peru. Spanish is therefore my second mother tongue.
After high school, I moved to Montpellier (France) in order to pursue my goal of speaking the world's most challenging language: Chinese. So, I did my Bachelors in applied foreign languages: Chinese and English in French (yep, that was intense).
As soon as graduation was over, I needed the next challenge: China
I moved from France to Beijing and lived there for a year. I enrolled in a Chinese university and continued with my Chinese studies. That year was incredible! Good food, good people and awesome memories.
Next, I moved back to Austria, where I continued with my Master's in Business (Tourism and Leisure Management) in English— two years of studies, working part-time and gaining more and more experience in digital marketing.

When I thought my studies were finally over, I said, "Hey, why not do an MBA in Spain?!" So that's exactly what I did. I packed my stuff, moved to Murcia and continued for another year of Business studies, working on my personal website, attending online courses in digital marketing and a digital business Chinese course.

Then, I moved back to Vienna, ready to settle down when all of a sudden, due to personal reasons, I had the chance to move to Vorarlberg and started working for an agency. Two years later I moved back to Vienna where I am currently located.

That was just a very short summary of myself.

Moving on to my business: I have already worked with clients from all over the world, redesigned and created entirely new websites for my clients. Having the opportunity of living in different parts of the world and speaking various languages definitely helps me to understand my international customers and see their vision and dreams from their perspective. I clearly have a professional and personal understanding of the customer's needs.

So if you are looking for an international entrepreneur, who can adapt to your unique website desires, just like a chameleon adapts to the surrounding, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would be more than happy to assist you with your online presence and your digital breakthrough.

What are you waiting for? Contact me, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the digital flight - next stop: digital success

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